The National Integration and Reconciliation Week 08th to 14th January 2017

On 9th January (Monday) 2017, the Embassy staff gathered to commemorate the National Integration and Reconciliation week whereby once more  the national anthem was  sung and the pledge taken in both languages.  Thereafter, HE the Ambassador delivered a speech in which he traced the origins of the problem dating back to early days of independence and emphasized  on the need to learn both national languages by every citizen of the country as an important means of bridging the ethnic divide.  He also highlighted the need to create awareness of national integration and urged the members of the staff to take primary measures in the Embassy itself in making a qualitative change.  As an initial effort, it was decided along with the community to institute a committee to carryout cultural activities and organize sporting events to bring the two communities together and facilitate consular functions  by providing information and relevant documentation in the Tamil language. 

Taking the National Integration Pledge.jpg

(Taking the National Integration and Reconciliation Pledge)

Ambassador  addressing the staff.jpg

(Ambassador Tilak Ranaviraja addressing the staff)

Members of the Staff.jpg

(Members of the Staff)


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