Ambassador Buddhi K. Athauda Meets with Members of the French National Assembly

Following the meeting with the French Senate last week, His Excellency Mr. Buddhi K. Athauda, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to France also met with members of the France-Sri Lanka Friendship Group of the French National Assembly, the other House of the French Parliament yesterday at the Petit Hotel of the National Assembly in Paris.

Mr. Joaquim Pueyo, the President of the National Assembly Group warmly welcomed the Ambassador and articulated on the necessity to continue the well formulated initiation of mutual bilateral relations with Sri Lanka and expressed their solidarity to Sri Lanka at all times.

Ambassador Athauda briefed the Members about the prevailing political situation in Sri Lanka and emphasized that Sri Lanka as a nation has not resorted to violence or autocratic rule. Neither the executive nor the legislature has disregarded the balance of powers which is predominant in a democratic nation. He further explained that law and order has prevailed in Sri Lanka and that the country will continue to uphold fundamental human equality and dignity and will confidently provide a feasible mechanism for pursuing social justice as all democratic nations do.

Explaining the policy of the French Government to give special focus on renewable energy, the Members of the National Assembly explained that under its commitment to the EU renewable energy directive of 2009, France has a target of producing 23% of its total energy needs from renewable energy by 2020 and reducing nuclear energy consumption from 70% to 50%. They were willing to share their expertise and plans with Sri Lanka with the firm objective to move towards green economies together with many other countries.

During the discussions that followed, Ambassador Athauda highlighted the importance of strengthening the initiated support given by France for the restructuring of the City of Colombo and its urban development projects which which will be put into force in the coming months. In response to the question posed by the Members on the boost of the Tourism Industry, Ambassador Athauda also requested French experts to share their expertise to develop tourist infrastructure including untapped natural sites to attract tourists in a sustainable manner. 

H.E the Ambassador was accompanied by Embassy officials for his meeting with the Members of the National Assembly.  

(Ambassador Athauda with Mr. Joaquim Pueyo, President of the Group)


(Ambassador Athauda with Mr. Joaquim Pueyo President and Mr.  Michel Delpon, Vice-President)



Embassy of Sri Lanka in Paris
1st December 2018