Commemoration of the 2nd Anniversary of the President’s Inauguration in Office

In commemorating the 2nd Anniversary of the President’s Inauguration in Office, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Paris organized a public event with the Sri Lankan community living in Paris representing the main ethnicities of the country.  Hon Daya Gamage, Minister of Primary Industries and Madam Anoma Gamage, Deputy Minister of Petroleum Resources graced this occasion as special guests.

Over 100 members of the community congregated in the Embassy premises for this event along with the staff, which was held on Sunday 8th January 2017 from 13.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs. The programme began with religious blessings being invoked on HE the President, the leaders of the country and her people mainly for peace and prosperity .  The clergy from the Buddhist temple, Hindu kovil, Catholic church and the Muslim mawlawi recited prayers and delivered short sermons.  HE Mr Tilak Ranaviraja, thereafter delivered a speech based on the achievements of the National Unity Government in all spheres of importance such as political, economic and in the reconciliation related work.  He highlighted the developments in the democratization and good governance process and drew on the accomplishments made in the conduct of  foreign relations and the creation of a conducive environment in the country to pursue an agenda of economic diplomacy.  He also drew in parallel, the importance of national unity and reconciliation to sustain the momentum of these successes so far gained and urged the community to become stakeholders of this process.

Hon Daya Gamage, Minister of Primary Industries thereafter addressed the gathering on the importance of placing the country on a firm economic footing in order to reap the benefits of peace.  He emphasized on the need for economic development having a trickle-down effect which would be felt by the common person.  As the Minister of Primary Industries, he invited the community to engage with the Government and participate in the programmes that have been launched in Sri Lanka in developing the small and medium scale enterprise sector.  He also stressed on the importance the Government has placed on the Sri Lankan community/diaspora as partners of the country’s development process and encouraged them to seize such opportunities.

Thereafter, two speakers representing the Sinhala and Tamil speaking communities delivered a short address on the importance of reconciliation and the contributions that could be made by the community in furthering this endeavor.  The event was concluded with refreshments being served to the invitees. 

The National anthem was sung in both Sinhala and Tamil languages and the programme was also conducted in both Sinhala and Tamil languages.

January 08 2017_5.jpg

(Religious observances)

January 08 2017_1.jpg

(Delivering religious blessings)

January 08 2017_3.jpg

(Members of the community representing all ethnicities)

January 08 2017_2.jpg

(Hon. Daya Gamage, Minister of Primary Industries addressing the gathering)

January 08 2017_6.jpg

(Representative from the community talking on the importance of reconciliation)

January 08 2017_4.jpg

(Minister Daya Gamage, Deputy Minister Anoma Gamage together with Ambassador Tilak Ranaviraja & Staff of the Embassy)


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