Importing Pet Animals to Sri Lanka

Before bringing any live animal into Sri Lanka, prior authorization must be obtained from the Department of Animal Production and Health (DAPH).

The Director-General, Animal Production and Health (DGAPH) P.O. Box 13, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.
Tel: (+94 11) 08 2388195 / 2388184 / 2388189 / 2388463
Fax: (+94 11) 08 2388619


An application form can be downloaded by visiting their website -

A duly filled application along with the vaccination record for the pet should be faxed/ emailed to the Director General of the DAPH.  Permission to import will be granted within a few weeks.

Cats and dogs must be accompanied by a veterinarian good health and rabies certificate issued in country of origin and issued by the veterinary authorities. A stamp fee of Rupees 5 .00 and a Customs fee of Rupees 250.00 for each pet must be paid on arrival.

Once an approved application is at hand one can work on import of the pet.

A suitable airline approved box needs to be purchased and airline booked. Be cautious as some airlines do not have live cargo hold. Always try to book a direct flight to end destination.

Once the pet arrives, it will be subjected to a health check at the airport. Ensure all the documents are in hand. At the same time you may have to pay duty for the pet. If your pet came accompanied it is much easier to clear. If your pet comes via cargo village then you may need a TIN # to clear the pet. A wharf Clerk to do the needful may be helpful.

Additional Information on OMAR Notification: DOMANIEC.SRI 27.04.06

An import permit can be obtained from the Director General, Department of Animal Production and Health, Fax: + 94 081 2389342. The permit must be obtained at least two weeks prior to export, and will be valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

Imported dogs/cats will be subjected to a quarantine inspection at Katunayake Airport. If necessary, samples will be taken for testing.

Imported dogs/cats will be subjected to a post-export quarantine period of thirty (30) days in the ‘owner’s premises’. For this, the importer must sign the Quarantine Surveillance Agreement with the Animal Quarantine Officer at Katunayake Airport, at the time of importation. The exact location of the premises (including full address and telephone number), where the imported dogs/cats are going to be kept, must be provided by the importer in the Quarantine Surveillance Agreement.

Section 61.A of the Animal Products Amendments Act 2005 states that 'The Crown is not liable, and nor is the Director-General or any employee of the Ministry liable, for any loss arising through the refusal or failure of the relevant authority of an overseas market to admit export animal material or animal product to that market'.

Information also can be obtained from:

  1. Chief Animal Quarantine Officer, 41 MORGAN ROAD, COLOMBO 2, SRI LANKA

TEL/FAX: +94 11 2448683;

  1. Animal Quarantine Officer, B.I.A., Katunayake, Sri Lanka.

TEL/FAX: +94  11 2253430