New Amendments to the Birth Registration (English)

Checklists of documents required for registration of Birth and Citizenship of children born to Sri Lankan Parents in foreign countries

•    The dully filled application form in English block letters along with the declaration stating that applicant (father or mother) has not obtained the citizenship of any other country other than Sri Lanka. (The application form can be downloaded from (

•    The dully filled birth declaration form in English block letters. 
           (Within three months – “Declaration of birth under section 16” 
           (More than three months –“Declaration of birth under section 24” to be    

The following documents should be submitted along with the above.
(If the application is submitted within one year, one (01) sets of photocopies and if it is more than one year two (02) sets of photocopies of all the documents should be handed over).  

1.    The Birth Certificate of the child issued by the relevant authority of the French/Spanish/Portuguese Government and its English translation. (Original and photocopy).
2.    The Sri Lankan Birth Certificates of the parents.  (Original and photocopy) English translation will not be accepted.  
In case if one of the parents is of another nationality, the original and the photocopy of the birth certificate issued by the respective country and its English translation. 

3.    Marriage certificate of the parents (Original and photocopy) 

a)    If the parents have got married in Sri Lanka, the Certificate of marriage issued by the competent authority.  English translation will not be accepted.  
b)    If the parents have got married in a foreign country, the Certificate of Marriage issued by the competent authority of that country and its English translation. The original married certificate should be legalized by the Diplomatic Mission of the relevant country.

4.    In case if the parents are not married, the father of the child should submit an affidavit confirming paternity. The section 10 of the declarations 16/24 referred above should be signed by both father and mother in front of the relevant officer at the Embassy

5.    Valid Sri Lankan Passport and the visa of parents during child birth

6.    Current Sri Lankan passport and visa of parents. Original and Photo copy

7.    If the main applicant does not possess valid visa during the child birth, a copy of his/her valid Sri Lankan passport during child birth and an affidavit declaring that the applicant was not a citizen of another country during child birth should be submitted together with the documents mentioned at ‘06’ above.

8.    If the main applicant was Sri Lankan during child birth and has subsequently obtained a foreign nationality, the Naturalization certificate and its English translation should be submitted.

9.    If the applicant (father or mother) is born outside Sri Lanka, original and photocopies of his/her Sri Lankan Birth certificate and Citizenship certificate should be submitted (Foreign Birth certificate is not accepted)

10.     If the main applicant has obtained dual citizenship, the original and photo copy of his/her dual citizenship certificate should be submitted.

11.     A letter stating the reason/s for the delay in registering the birth. (If application is not submitted within the three months).

12.     Applicants who wish to submit the application for birth registration from Spain and Portugal should get all photocopies certified as true copy with official rubber stamp by any accepted Government Institution.  Further, the applicant should place his signature in all relevant places of the application in front of the officer concerned and should be counter signed by the same officer.


A processing fee €87 will be charged for registration of Birth and Citizenship.  In addition, €8 will be charged as penalty for each year of delay.

The signature of the applicant in all relevant spaces in the application form should be similar to signature placed in his/her passport.

Only the applicants may be present during the submission of application.