Sri Lanka attends Mother Language Day Celebrations at UNESCO 2023

The Permanent Delegation of Sri Lanka participated in the UNESCO International Mother Languages Day 2023 Celebration organized by the Permanent Delegation of Bangladesh in line with UNESCO’s theme “Safeguarding Indigenous Languages for Promoting Multilingualism through Transforming Education” on 20-21 February 2023 held at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

The celebrations comprised a Cultural Programme including performances by the indigenous communities, a Language Exhibition, Cultural Expressions through posters or stand-up banners, and a Culinary Arts Exhibition through the presentation of traditional foods or beverages where Member States showcased their cultures and languages.

Sri Lanka's participation was marked by a captivating ‘Ves’ dance performance by the Thisaravi Dance Academy, Paris which showcased the country's traditional dance form depicting a ritualistic exorcism ceremony.

Visitors were also introduced to the age-old tradition of learning the Sri Lankan alphabet by writing in the sandboard, which is known as Welipilla and a presentation of the evolution of Sri Lankan Mother languages & Sinhala and Tamil  in the modern era.
The Sri Lanka Permanent Delegation also presented Kokis Ceylon tea with  kithul jaggery which is known for its distinct flavour and aroma. The exhibition allowed visitors to experience Sri Lanka's rich cultural heritage and diverse linguistic traditions.

The International Mother Languages Day event aims to promote linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as multilingualism, and Sri Lanka's participation was a testament to the country's commitment to preserving its unique linguistic and cultural heritage.