Consular Service Quick View

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in paris , France provides Consular Services such as services relating passports, Registration of Births visas etc ....  to persons residing in France and other concurrently accredited countries which include spain, Portugal, Monaco, and Andora. All Consular Services have been further streamlined and carried out under the overall supervision and guidance of the government regulations. Contact details of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Paris, France are available under " contact us " the main menu of the website. 

The Consular Section is functioning the following hours.

Acceptance of documents - 9.00am to 1.00pm

 Issuance of Documents - 3.00pm to 5.00pm   


FRA 001 Applications for new Sri Lankan Passports  View Instructions
FRA 002 Applications for new Sri Lankan Passports for minors - age under 16 View Instructions

FRA 003 Applications for Sri Lankan Lost or Stolen Passports  View Instructions

FRA 004 Applications for Emergency Passports (NMRP) View Instructions

FRA 005 Applications for alterations/ amendments of the passport  View Instructions


Registration of Birth / Deaths 

FRA 006 Applications for registration of Birth and Citizenship certificates View Instructions

FRA 007 Applications for Reg. Deaths/Repatriation of Human Remains/Ashes View Instructions


FRA 008 Applications for visas for Sri Lanka View Instructions

Dual Citizenship 

FRA 009 Applications for Dual Citizenship View Instructions

Other Consular Services  

FRA010 Applications for Certificate of celibat and certificate of Coutume View Instructions

FRA011 Applications for Police clearances  View Instructions

FRA012 Applications for Life Certificates for Pensioners View Instructions

FRA013 Applications for Translating the Sri Lankan Birth. Marriage and Death certificates  View Instructions

FRA014 Applications for Certification and Authentication of Documents View Instructions

FRA015 Applications for attestations View Instructions

FRA016 Applications for Legalization of documents View Instructions

The Embassy of sri Lanka in Paris France would like to keep in touch with all the Sri Lankans and persons of Sri Lankan Origin France, Spain, Portugal, Monaco and Andorra as Sri lankan Community organizations in these countries 

If you are a current /former Sri Lankan or an office bearer of a sri Lankan community organization invite you to register at the embassy .